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I noticed just now my baby of 3months is seriously scratching her ears it's making her feel uncomfortable to sleep, what could be...

Their is need for a paediatrician to check inside the ears to rule out middle ear infection. Sometimes the only symptoms children show is this tugging of the ears. But if it's not infection, it may be due to rashes.
Let a paediatrician review your child and map out the treatment path
I really need your help for my two year old baby she has been putting her finger in the ears but I taught it was normal. Just yest...
Please take her to the hospital. She most likely has otitis media which simply put is an ear infection. A swab MCS would be done and antibiotics and analgesics would be prescribed. Please treat as urgent
My son of 3 years old has
been crying since last night because of ear pain we
couldn't sleep last night, please what should...
Please take the child to
see an ENT specialist preferably in a
teaching Hospital so that the ears
can be checked properly and the
cause of the pain will be known and
My 7 weeks baby is having an ear problem, please help
Dr Aina Johnson


What do you mean by ear problem?