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Can a mother of twins do EBF for the children no matter the sex?
Yes, you can
Can overfeeding cause a baby to pass out food through the nose? NB The baby is 2 months +, weighs 7kg and is on EBF
What you discribed sounds like reflux. Try and keep the baby upright for 15 - 30 minutes after feeds before putting the baby down flat
My baby weighed 3.4kg at birth, he's 8weeks now and he is weighing 6.4kg. He's on ebf, hope his weight is not too much for his age...
Your baby weight is OK for his age.
Please can a nursing mom get pregnant with EBF?
Yes, you can
Please, should a baby be immunized before introducing solid food. He is on ebf but it's ending today
A baby get his/her first immunization shortly after birth then 6 weeks later then 10weeks then 14 weeks and so on.
Am assuming your baby is up to date with regards to immunization if not then you'll need to take your baby to a health center, general hospital or private hospital to get the necesssary immunizations.
What multivitamins can a 5 months old baby boy use? She's on EBF
You can buy any brand of your choice.
There is really no need for multivitamins drops while on exclusive breastfeeding as long as the Mum herself is well nourished and not deficient in the Vitamins. Breastfeeding mums should continue to take the same multivitamins and iron supplements they were taking during pregnancy
My baby is having difficulty in pooing, she is four months. What can I eat to make her poo. She's on EBF
Kindly note that babies on exclusive breastfeeding may not pass stools for days up to 2 weeks NORMALLY and it is not constipation or anything to worry about.
Water entered my baby mouth when bathing him, I’m on EBF. Am I still on track?
There is no need to worry. Just continue to breastfeed your baby exclusively.
I gave birth three months ago to a 3.4kg baby, and she is weighing 4.5kg. She is on EBF. Please advise me on what to do?
The weight is fair enough. But you have to put more effort. Breastfeed on demand
My six months old baby always cry when pooing and strains his anus to do this. The poo comes out hard and the anus cracks. This st...
Kindly give more water, fruits and vegetables and also more of natural foods.

If still no improvement, kindly take the child to see a paediatrician preferably a gastroenterologist paediatrician in a teaching hospital for further evaluation and management.
Please can I give my baby cow’s milk after concluding EBF?
No, kindly use age appropriate formula
My baby is always hungry after breastfeeding, most times, she is always crying after feeding, always gesturing that she needs more...
Please try and empty one breast before giving the other, also you can express to be sure you are lactating well.
I do eat roasted corn and pears very well. Does it have any effect on my baby? I’m on EBFI do eat roasted corn and pears very well. Does it have any effect on my baby? I’m on EBF
No it can't, it is not true, it's MYTH. Disregard such
information. Don't listen to such. As a breastfeeding mother please eat well and breast feed well too.
My wife will be completing our baby's EBF by the month ending, pls what supplement or babies milk will be good for our baby so as...EBF
you can buy any age appropriate milk you can afford.
I have breast engorgement! Also, my 14weeks old baby's mouth is hot. He is on EBF
If you think a baby has temperature, you must measure FIRST with a thermometer...NORMAL TEMP IS 36.5 - 37.4......NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL. If your thermometer reads above 37.5 then give paracetamol and see a doctor for a proper evaluation to know the cause of the fever. There are so many causes of fever.
My daughter of 3 weeks frequently poo and doesn't often burps after been breastfed, what could be the cause, she is on EBF.
Frequent poo is normal in EBF babies.
If the stool is not watery then there's nothing to worry about. Babies on EBF may not poo daily, they can stay up to 2weeks without having to poo. Sometimes, they can poo up to 12 times in a day.
As long as the stools are normal. There's nothing to worry about.
My baby birth weight was 3.1kg and her present weight is 5kg she's 3 months and he's on Ebf I want to know if her weight is okay c...
Your babies weight is ok as it falls within the 80-120% range expected weight increase.
Babies are expected to add monthly 1kg on average for term babies and 600g for preterm babies. Remember we are talking AVERAGELY.......Some babies do gain a little more; others a little less......So You don't have to worry as long as your baby's weight falls into the 80% - 120% range of the average weight I mention; it is OKAY!!!
I just round up baby-friendly, I need advice on which baby food will be ok to introduce to her.
Any baby food of your choice is ok.
My son is 6 weeks and 2 days he has cough and catarrh. But my worry now is that he coughs for a long time non stop for like 40sec-...
Kindly see a Paediatrician urgently for further evaluation.
There are many reasons a child would choke while breastfeeding. Either your feeding technique is wrong or the baby has some abnormalities in the mouth or throat area eg cleft palate....you need to see a Paediatrician and treat as urgent.
What drink should an ebf Mom stay away from?
Any drink that has slimming properties and Alcohol should be avoided.