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Is it all exclusive baby that grows fat?
All exclusive breastfed babies must not be fat. The most important thing is their weight and health. Read the links below to be more guided.
My younger sister is on EBF and complains that she can't produce enough milk and it dries up. What could be the reason? The baby i...
The dynamics of breast milk production is such that milk is produced by virtue of the stimulating effect of the child's suckling on its mother's nipples triggering a "letdown reflex" which delivers breast milk produced "de novo" [a new] directly to the breast ducts and into the baby's mouth [contrary to the popular belief that the bulk of breast milk is "stored" in the breast].

Kindly advice your sister on the need to relax and not to worry as it would negatively affect breast milk production. She needs to eat well and drink lots of water.

Breastfeeding is demand and supply. The more she puts the baby to breast, the more the milk flows.
Is it possible to do exclusive breastfeeding for one year?
No it is not possible.
After 6 months, breast milk is no longer sufficient to meet the caloric requirement of your baby that is why you need to add complementary feeds while still breastfeeding.
Exclusive breastfeeding should water be included after breastfeeding? And my baby of 2months usually makes sound as if his poo is...
You don't need to give your baby water after breastfeeding as the breast milk already contains all the water the baby needs as well as other nutrients.
Is it possible to do exclusive baby friendly for one year?
No it is not possible.

After 6 months, breast milk is no longer sufficient to meet the caloric requirement of your baby that is why you need to add complementary feeds while still breastfeeding.
I just concluded with six months exclusive breastfeeding. I have started introducing my baby to other foods but she takes mostly p...
When someone is on exclusive breastfeeding for a child, is there a need to give him/her water
No, exclusive breastfeeding means no water, no herbal drinks only breastmilk for the first 6 months of life.
Please my 6 months old baby has refused to eat for some weeks now I have to force feed her all the time and it's a struggle becaus...
if your baby suddenly stop eating, it may be the first symptom of sickness. Please kindly stop force feeding. If your baby is generally a picky eater you do need to have patience and keep trying varieties for your baby. Make meal time fun time for you and your baby.
My baby is 3 months old and am on exclusive breastfeeding he hardly feeds now for a week and he likes sucking His hands what can I...
What I did for my baby is to continue breastfeeding on demand and as long as he is still sucking I will sit. Since then I only noticed finger sucking when he was not properly fed with the EBM but when he is full, he does not remember the fingers.
Does green tea, ginger and garlic drink have any negative effects on my baby. He is 2 months old on exclusive breastfeeding.
Since you are still breastfeeding, it isn’t advisable to take any of them. Spices like garlic
My baby is 2 months today on Exclusive breastfeeding.... She doesn't really suck for a long time. Hence I feel she isn't feeding w...
Just keep putting her to the breast and ensure she empties each breast before switching to the next one. Abidec drop is not essential but no harm in giving it but more importantly keep breastfeeding exclusively no water, no formula. The way you know a baby is feeding well is by weight gain. Kindly monitor her weight with your doctor. As long as the baby is gaining weight she is feeding well.
My baby of 7weeks poo is light green and it has mucus. Is it something to worry about? She has been on exclusive breastfeeding.
Greenish stool suggests inadequate feeding or starvation.
Always empty one breast before switching to another.
As for the mucus, kindly pay attention to your own diet and avoid herbal remedies or drugs that are not prescribed by the doctors which may pass via the breast milk to affect the baby. Avoid heavy spicy or flavored foods as well as some also affect the baby when passed via the breast milk to the baby.
If the mucus persists in the stool kindly see a paediatrician.
I just stopped exclusive breastfeeding, Can I introduce tiger nut milk to my baby?
Your baby still need MILK, so you need to give age-appropriate formula and also continue to breastfeed. Tiger nuts milk will not supply some of the other essential nutrients for brain growth like DHA and so on.
After successful completion of EBF, my baby boy has refused to eat any other thing. We have tried different types of food like hom...
Remember: Mealtimes are about more than food. They are a time to connect with your child and to support her overall development. Talk with your child during meals and don’t let her eat alone. This helps build strong family relationships. Also, Create routines around mealtime. Routines make children feel loved and secure. Establish regular meal and snack times beginning when your child is 9-12 months old. Routines help children look forward to each meal.
My one month old baby is on exclusive breastfeeding, he sucks a lot. As long as he is with me, he wants to keep sucking every 10mi...
You should calm down. Their is a
period when baby just want to suck
not because of hunger but just to be
close to you. Just keep at it. Ensure
your baby latches well when
Started semi-solids for my girl baby, she poops around five times a day. I can see almost the same quantity of food intake all put...1.Can we expect pooping many times a day once solids are started? During ebf, she poops twice or once per day.
2.Will the nutriti...
how old is your child and please describe what the poo is like? Is it well-formed or watery sinking into the diaper? As long as the stools are normal, there is no need to worry.
I did exclusive breastfeeding for my son and he is now 7months and 2weeks on his own he has stopped sucking breast. I hope there i...
have you tried to find out why your baby stopped sucking?
I have a fever and I am an EBF can I take breastfeeding to my baby. Can I feed her using my breastmilk?
kindly go to the hospital to know the underlying cause of fever, PLEASE DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. Please you can continue breastfeeding, it can not be transmitted.
My baby of one month has not poo poo for five days now. Am very worried don't know what to do. On exclusive breastfeeding.
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Exclusive breastfed babies may not pass stools every day even up to two weeks and there is no need to worry as long as the baby is otherwise fine, eating well, no vomiting and no swollen tummy.
My daughter is not gaining weight and I'm doing EBF for her. She actually weighed 3.7Kg at birth. When I took her to the hospital...I also noticed she does not sleep deep during the day except if I back her. She cries often as well. People around me are suggesti...
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Probably baby is not satisfied. As a nursing mother, eat well balanced diet and take lots of fluids, such as water, yogurt, fresh fruits juice etc.
Check baby weighed afterwards and there will be improvement.