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My baby of a year plus is always having eye discharge ,have given medication and apply eye drop it cleared and resurfaced again, p...
The eye is a very important part of the body. Please take your baby to the hospital for evaluation by a Paediatric Opthalmologist.
My 7 months old son has been having eyes discharge. Sometimes in the morning, its so bad that the eyes are closed till i wash off....
Please take your child to the hospital to be
examined by an opthalmologist for proper
Eye DischargePlease my baby is 3 days old and her eyes is bringing out discharge, what can I use for her?
Kindly take the baby to see a Paediatrician or Opthalmologist who will do an EYE SWAB AND CULTURE the specific bacteria and based on that the MOST APPROPRIATE ANTIBIOTICS for treatment will be chosen based on the CULTURE AND SENSITIVITY REPORT
My baby of 1 month old has been having eye discharge, don't know what to do?
If it is mucus.... Whitish... Just clean with cotton wool dipped in clean bottle or Saline water. If it persists kindly see a doctor for proper treatment