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How do I treat dehydration and malnutrition in babies as the fontanelle sunken at times, and I was told it's oka, but don't want t...
If the anterior fontanelle is sunken, it can be from dehydration and/or malnutrition. See your paediatrician to diagnose the appropriate cause and institute the right management. General prevention, exclusive breastfeeding and immediate treatment of diarrhoea with ORS or other appropriate fluids.
Please how long does it take for a baby's fontanelle to close?
Anterior fontalle is an area devoid of bone on the front of baby head. It is absolutely normal and it usually closes around 2 years old on it's own. But there is nothing to wrong if it closes earlier. See a pediatrician if you are so worried.
My baby of 1 week old forehead, the fontanelle is not breathing like the way baby's head use to move up and down, please what’s...
Try to place your finger tip on it. Check if it swollen, deepened and pulsating.
Please I would like to know if oiling the anterior fontanelle is necessary in a newborn. In addition is using cap on the baby's he...
You don't need to apply oil several times a day. Just use a little after shampoo to prevent the scalp getting dry. Not the religious ones of always keeping oil on the fontanelle. Wearing cap is highly unnecessary most especially in a hot weather. Just ensure you always dress your baby according to the weather.Those living in cold temperate regions can wear caps more.
What is the meaning of Oka Ori in English, What is the cause of Oka Ori ? What is the treatment for Oka Ori?I will like to know the meaning of Oka Ori, the causes of Oka Ori. Does putting oil on baby's fontanel. How to treat oka Ori?
The front fontanelle of my 4weeks baby is not palpating even since birth. Any course to worry?. Note she weigh 3.4 at birth.
All is well with your baby. The ANTERIOR FONTANELLE usually closes between 12 to 18 months. You don't always have to see it pulsating or breathing. It may be more feasible in some children than others. Best wishes.