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Can a breastfeeding mum take ginger and garlic juice for flat tummy?
Ginger and garlic are spices that can make some babies fussy or show some allergic reactions, so it's okay to take if your baby tolerates it.
Is it ok to give a child garlic and ginger blend together? My baby is 1year and 2 months old
It is okay as long as the child tolerates it.
Does green tea, ginger and garlic drink have any negative effects on my baby. He is 2 months old on exclusive breastfeeding.
Since you are still breastfeeding, it isn’t advisable to take any of them. Spices like garlic
Is it okay to blend garlic and ginger mixed with honey to
treat cough in babies especially neonates, even in small
Please do not mix any of those
or any other local mixtures for your baby!
"Especially Neonatal". It can be very
dangerous and harmful to your baby.
My baby will be 6 months on Saturday. When making her pap, can I add garlic in it? Is it safe for her?
It is okay as long as the child
tolerates it.
My 15months old has her lower gums swollen. I gave her paracetamol. Will that reduce d pains and the swollen gums. someone said I...
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You need to take your child to the Paediatric Dentist for proper check and treatment. There are many things that can cause swollen or bleeding gums. Either the child's teeth are not properly cleaned or the child has a bacterial or viral infection e.g Herpetic stomatogingivitis, don't mind the grammar. Whatever the case may be he needs to have a proper check and treated accordingly