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Please can someone add glucose to replace formula for a 6 months old pap because he dislikes formula? Was on ebf before
You can add a little sugar ONLY to give taste if child does not accept it without sweeten it. Formular can also be used to sweeten. The less sugar, the better.

It is not necessary to add Sugar
In the pap...You can use the formula milk to sweeten the pap...If the baby does not take you can add a liitle sugar but the Less WHITE SUGAR YOU DO, THE BETTER
My 11months child has totally refused to drink water I have tried adding glucose and sometimes squeezing some orange in water stil...
Kindly make sure the child takes lots of FRUITS, VEGETABLES and a lot of fluid.
Is it advisable to use glucose in the pap of an eight months old baby?
No, do not add glucose to your baby’s pap rather use only age (6 - 12 months) appropriate formula.
Please can glucose water clear jaundice in infant?
Please do not use Glucose water to treat Jaundice. Kindly take your child to the hospital for evaluation and proper treatment.
Does glucose causes hunger in children?
How is he/she taking the glucose? and why are you giving glucose?
Can I add glucose to my 7months old baby's cereal?
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Dear mum, No do not add glucose to your baby's cereal.
Is it okay to add glucose to my six month old baby's pap?
No, you cannot add glucose to your baby's pap instead use age-appropriate milk.