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Good mums and Doctors. Please can feed my nine months old baby with golden morn?
According to Nestle, it is not suitable for children below 3 years” as a precautionary measure because it is not formulated as an infant or weaning cereal.
Can 10 months old eats golden mourn or cerelac?
It should not be given to children below 3 years of age as specified by the manufacturer. It is a complex cereal
Food for 6 months 3weeks ;Please can I give my 6months 3 weeks cornflakes and golden morn?
Can a 1 year old baby take Golden morn?
No.frm 3years old
My baby boy is one year going to seven months the only food he eat is golden morn. Morning, afternoon and night, pls how many tim...
Golden morn can b taken once a day.Golden morn should be given to a child dt is up to 3 years. According to what they wrote on the pack.dn u try him with oda food like noodles n boiled egg or fish,tea n bread,etc.