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My baby has down syndrome, she also has heart diseases and has been taken to hospital for a check-up and follow up. She eats well...
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Sometimes,Infants and children with Down Syndrome can have feeding and drinking difficulties. Such babies get tired easily and so can't suckle for long. If you child doubled the birthweight at this has grown well contrary to the situation with children with holes in the heart. Especially the severe ones. Please see a paediatrician all the same and be sure". All the best
My little nephew has holes in his heart born in 3 different areas. Not seen him yet physically due to distance. Doctor recommended...
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I'm sure the parents are already seeing a Paediatric Cardiologist. The breathing will not be normal until surgery. Unfortunately we don't raise funds on ATP for individuals. Let the parents approach media houses and other foundations eg MTN foundation, Kanu Heart Foundation etc for financial support. All the best.