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My baby of almost 11 months does not like eating solid food but only drinks formula mixed in water, what do I add to the formula t...
You need to be very patient while u introduce new foods to baby. One food at a time. Also ensure that you make baby's food as attractive as you can.
While you're at it, please continue with breastfeeding. All the best mum.
Please I intend to start feeding my baby of seven weeks with my boy infants milk, I have not tried feeding this early before, will...
Choice of formula is dependent on your ability to afford it and your baby's acceptability. There are so many available in the market. ATP does not endorse any specific brand of formula.
My 5 month baby refuses 2 drink any formula. What will happen if i give him cow milk
Dr Aina Johnson


Your baby is expected to be exclusively breastfed in the first 6 months. But in cases where you can't, only age appropriate Formula should be given
Any mom here ever tried My Boy Eldorin Infant Formula Milk? How good is it?
Mrs Isekolowo, This is "My BOY Eldorin infant formula 454g, I used it once for my baby. He loves it! You should try it too