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Whenever my child falls sick her lips always change to black with some injuries, so what could be the cause and what can I do abou...
Your child's lips turning black is something serious and worrisome. Please see a paediatrician soonest for proper evaluation and treatment.
Just notice my baby boy of 6 months with crack lips this morning how can I treat it.
It might happen due to a lip licking habit, or your baby may be sucking on their lips. Dehydration and dry weather are also common causes. Sometimes chapped lips may point to underlying health conditions. Dry winter, hot summer months, or too much wind exposure can cause lips to lose moisture.
My baby of 17months old fell and hit his lips. The lower lip
and gum is a bit swollen. Pls what can I do to treat & reduce the...
Never leave children alone as for the swelling please apply ice packs and watch for any reactions.
My 10months old baby is sucking her lower lip, what is
the solution?
This is a self comforting habit for your baby, he/she will out grow and stop it with time.
Is it okay for a five months child to suck his lips while asleep?
It's a self-comforting habit that your baby will outgrow with time.