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Can I give my baby of 12months adult milk like Loya or Dano milk?
Yes a child from one year can take family milk.
When can you give a child tea and milk, and what type of milk?
Tea/beverages can be introduced from age 1.
Can I give Milo and milk to my baby of 9 months, because she doesn't like eating unless I force her?
No, wait till the baby is 1 year, also please do not force feed your baby.
Can baby of 1 year take Tea (milo and milk) and also capri-sonne or sweet?
Yes, your baby can take tea and caprisonne as well.
I have just stopped breastfeeding my son, he is 1 year old. Now he is refusing to drink milk from a bottle. I have tried Parmalat...
You can use the regular family milk from age 1, though there are also other toddler follow up milk you can use.
Can I give my baby of 7 months tea, I. E milk and milo
No ma, you can't. Do not give any form of tea - milo, bournvita e.t.c before the age of 1.
You can give any age appropriate (6 - 12 months) formula/milk of your choice.
BreastmilkMy baby of 7months stop taking breast milk but she takes every other food.... What should I give her to compensate for the breast...
Tips to introducing complementary feeding. Is your baby 6 months old? Is your baby able to sit up properly? Have adequate neck and head control. Shows interest in your food. If you answered yes to all this, then he/she is ready to start food. Start with single-ingredient infant foods. There's no particular order or food. Foods should be smooth and porridge inconsistent. Not too watery so as to meet the energy needs of the baby. E.g of foods is rice, oat cereal, yellow
I made Quaker Oat mixed with Horlicks and milk for my 15 months old son, is it overload?
It’s an overload combining too much food together for your baby to eat.
For three days now i have not been lactating well just a few drops of milk and it will stop, please what can I do about it?
Just try to relax, hydrate, and eat well, Your milk will flow.
Also the baby's constant suckling helps with milk production, the more you pump, the more milk you get to express.
My baby refused to take cerelac , nutribom and milk and he's 1 year and 2 months old, please what can you recommend for me to give...
You can give your baby the regular family meal, do ensure it’s balanced diet.
Can a baby of eight months take tea(Milo and milk)?
No, do not give any form of tea - milo, bournvita e.t.c before the age of 1. Kindly give age appropriate formula/milk.
Can a nursing mum take Lipton & milk as her routine breakfast? I also a 2years 4months baby. thanks
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As long as you are eating other foods and taking in adequate calories for a breastfeeding mum
Which milk is good for a baby of six months because I am doing exclusive breastfeeding I want to mix it with Pap thanks in advance...
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Good afternoon, Please get any infant formula appropriate for child's age labeled 6-12 months.
Can I be informed about some toddler follow up the milk I can use for my baby?
You can use any age-appropriate milk for your child
Can a 1 year-old take cornflakes with and without milk?
Yes ma'am he can take cornflakes. As for the milk you can give regular family milk or toddler milk.
I just recently weaned my 15 months old baby, about 3 weeks ago, and I have been giving her tea (milk and milo) every day at night...
It is okay to give but in moderation.
Rashes on the neck of my 3month old baby.My three month old son has rashes on his neck which looks like "alefo" its really scratching him. Please what can I use
You can either try Cacatin cream or Baby Tribotan Cream. They work very well
Is it okay to give a child of 1year tiger nut milk and dates, popularly called kunu aya?
It’s good as long as that's not the only milk the children are taking.Such baby should also be on breast milk in addition to any of these milk
What's the best milk for infant?
How much is similac @ opeyemi
Can I give my boy of 8 months Ribena and which milk should I introduce?
Please note that NO RIBENA before the age of 1 year!
On milk, you should continue breastfeeding while introducing the complementary feeds (apple, carrot, avocado, pear puree etc) and you can use in addition any age-appropriate formula that is for children aged 6 – 12 months!