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What is the best way of cleaning a baby's mouth? Can one use mouth wash? My baby is 2 months old
Please, clean the tongue and gum with just cottonwool /washcloth (preferably the latter) dipped in water and used to clean the tongue and gum gently not vigorously. There's no need using glycerine or any other substance.
What causes baby's mouth and lips to be whitish?And treatment?
Have you tried to clean your baby's mouth with clean water and clean wash cloth?
Whitish part that refuse to go after cleaning could probably be thrush
My baby is 4months plus l was told to be cleaning his mouth with cotton wool. Please is it with ordinary cotton wool damped with w...
A clean wash cloth with warm water will be just fine. Do not do anything else. You should start using age appropriate tooth paste and brush when your child cuts his first tooth
How can one treat mouth odour for a boy of 7 years old?
Bad breath or Halitosis in
children can occur due to several reasons
like poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing,
tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the
mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth,
tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose
and some medical conditions.
How can one stop a child of 2 years old from opening his mouth while sleeping?
It is not normal to sleep with the mouth opened. He seems to be experiencing enlarged adenoids. Kindly see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management.
My 14 weeks old baby mouth is White both the inner chic of the mouth including the lip. What could be the cause?
Dr Aina Johnson


Likely to be Oral thrush, please see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment