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My children and i travelled on Sunday, and my son slept while travelling,he has been complaining of neck pain since Sunday,i thoug...
that's Lymph node ....."Lymph nodes are normal structures present in every body. They produce part of the White blood cells called lymphocytes.
During infection, they get bigger because they are working extra hard to deal with infection.
It is nothing to worry about... The most important thing is to deal with the underlying cause of the lymph nodes enlargement..... Kindly see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and management
Please I have a baby
of nine months, I notice recently that he tilts neck to one
side, his neck is not straight, is there an...
Please kindly see a Paediatric
neurologist for thorough evaluation. At 9
months he should have good neck control
and no tilting to one side.
I'm a first time Mum, I have a 5 months baby of which I notice recently that she use to turn her neck to one side,
pls how can...
Babies neck should be firm between 3-4 months. kindly take the baby to a paediatric hospital
for proper evaluation and management.