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Good day house, Pls I have a question my cousin's baby that is 9months old does not have full control of her neck although she had...
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hello ma, good afternoon. Your cousin should continue giving the drug as prescribed by the Doctor and follow the Doctor's instruction. She should also ensure not to miss her clinics when given appointment to see the Doctor. Babies normally gain control of their neck between 3-4 months after birth. Kindly see a Paediatric Neurologist for evaluation and management.
I I noticed my baby twitched his mouth/jaw bone to the left. I complained to a paediatrician, was told to do a test on calcium and...
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Please take the child to the Children's Emergency room of the closest Teaching Hospital NOW! Treat as urgent
Twice I saw the paediatricians, they said nothing is wrong with my baby after feeling his stomach but I know vomiting isn't normal...
Dr Aina Johnson


Are you sure it's not reflux? If it's vomiting, you may need to visit a teaching hospital for assessment. There are many causes of vomiting and since it is persistent kindly see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation. Causes range from minor irritations to severe and emergency situations
My son has been coughing for two weeks and I've taken him to a paediatrician and she gave him Fleming syrup and vitamin c and he i...
Hello ma'am please take the child back to the hospital for a follow up visit. Meanwhile, go through the articles below on cough.
I was advised by my daughter's paediatrician to add butter to her pap, how safe is it?
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Hello mom. Yes you can. It is a means of fortifying it with fats and oil although palm oil was preferable.
Anytime I give my one-year-old daughter multivitamins or anything sugary she poos immediately. Took her to see a paediatrician and...
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Good evening ma'am, we don't second guess your doctor. So please if you need validation on any medication administered, we advice you visit another hospital.
Please, I want to ask what can cause a baby breathing to be sounding as if she snores. This has started since when she was 3month...The last time we visit the hospital doctor said it broken pneumonia and was given several drugs with Do's and Don't which was foll...
Kindly take the child to the Teaching hospital to see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management .
I was in the hospital yesterday to lodge the complaints and the doctor referred us to LUTH. I want to know if I should come on Mon...
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Not sure what the initial question was. However, she can go to LUTH on any week day to the Paediatric Outpatient clinic.

There she will be given the information on the day for the specific clinic. Alternatively, you can go via the Children's Emergency room 24/7 and will be directed as appropriate.
Please i need ur urgent response to this please......mothers, doctors, paediatricians please help.......i gave birth to my 2nd chi...
Frequent poo is normal in Exclusive Breastfeeding babies. If the stool is not watery then there's nothing to worry about. Babies on EBF may not poo daily, they can stay up to 2weeks without having to poo. Sometimes, they can poo up to 12 times a day. As long as the stools are normal. There's nothing to worry about.
I stay around Agbado Ijaye, which hospital can I get a paediatrician for my children?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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Kindly check General Hospital Oke Odo, Ile Epo Bus stop, Lagos - Abeokuta Express Way.
Where can I get paediatrician in Ibadan apart from UCH Ibadan, .Any other hospital?
Any other government hospital around should have Paediatricians. Adeoyo General Hospital and Oni
How many years does it take to become a Paediatrician?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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That's an honorable ambition/career path. After secondary education, you choose to study "Medicine