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I've been giving my baby of 7 months old baby piccan for teething for some months now but the teeth is not coming out and each tim...
My 1year 8month old son has a high body temperature. He just finished malaria treatment last week, but what I observe is that his...
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Hello ma'am, good afternoon. No ma, we do not prescribe drugs online, you can give paracetamol for the temperature and see a Doctor for proper evaluation and management.
Is Babyrex or Piccan a medicine for teething?
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According to my consultant paediatricians, using Piccan, babyrex or Bonabebe for baby is not acceptable because it has a long-term effect which is terrible for my baby. They all contain paracetamol. You don't need to use either Piccan or Bonabebe. Like my Paediatrician said, Teething a natural phenomenon just like height. if your baby is having a fever or high temperature, then the baby is sick and should be taken to the hospital. Don't use any teething mixtures, if you're using any teething mixtures, please discontinue it immediately and see a doctor
Which of these have you used for your baby teething that works very well, piccan or baby Rex ?
I use bona babe
When is the best time to start giving my baby Piccan? Because she uses her hand to scratch her gum. She is almost 3 months old.
According to my paediatrician, She is not having any pain and she does not need any teething mixtures. So do not give Piccan! Teething is normal like sitting and walking as well. If warm, you can give paracetamol. Do not give even the paracetamol for more than 2 days. if the child is really hot; it is not teething; kindly take to see a doctor at the hospital immediately.