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Good morning mummies in the haus.. Pls I need ur help, my one year and two months baby don't like sitting on his potty and I'm so...
If your baby seems ready for toilet training but simply refuses to use the potty, put it away for a few weeks and take a break. ... Give your child a little while to get out of the refusal pattern. Then both of you can have a fresh start.
Potty training ;When should potty training starts and how to go about it?
Potty Training Best Between Ages 2 and 3. Or when u see signs like him pulling off his wet diapers.
Hello, Please when should I start (at what age) training my baby how to use the potty. Thanks
I need help on this too
Please mother's what month can I start teaching my baby how to use Potty..
Potty training once your baby is 3months hold be sure to hold him while sitting