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Does some food allergies come in form of rashes?
Yes ma'am, food allergies can manifest in form of rashes. It may not necessarily be food, one can also be allergic to water.
Good evening
I'm new here and please my baby girl keeps having rashes and too whenever the rashes clears off before you know it...
Please can be used to clear heat rashes from baby? My baby's heat rashes keeps going and coming back.. I don't know what to do abo...
Can too much intake of rice when pregnant cause rashes on a baby's skin? My baby of three weeks plus developed rashes on his chick...
The treatment depends on the cause of the rashes, it could be a reaction to the baby products or some other things. It is better to see a Paed first. You can do trial and error by stopping all the products and use hypoallergenic ones like Sebamed and see if the rashes resolve, but if it does not it may not be a reaction but something else and you need to see a doctor for further treatment
My baby girl of two and half years is having rashes on her head and leg I’ve given her antibiotic drug but it’s still much. Pl...
The child has to be examined to know the type of rashes it is. Please stop the antibiotics, kindly see a paediatrician or a dermatologist for proper assessment and treatment.
Help PleasePlease I don’t know what this is on my sons hands and leg. Any idea on what to do ??
Try Cacatin or baby Tribotan Cream. If there is no improvement in 7 days. kindly take your child to see a paediatrician/dermatologist for assessment and treatment. The treatment of rashes depends on the cause.
My baby of 1week and 4days old is having rashes over his body. What can I use to clear it?
Please note that the treatment of rashes is dependent on the type of rashes. As it is, we can't know what type of rashes your child has online so we advise that you see a Paediatric Dermatologist for assessment and possible treatment.
Skin RashPlease what is this on my baby's skin. I'm a bit disturbed and concerned
The best is to see a doctor
Baby's skin rashes
My baby has mixture of boil looking and white pimples spreading round his head to his body
I made use of agbo ,it left and now i...
Don't use herbal concoctions commonly known as agbo for a baby. Please visit the hospital.
Baby RashesMy baby has been battling with rashes since she was three months old and now she would be 7months next week.

We went to the ho...
I think is allergy.
Visit a dermatologist to see if soap/cream is the problem.
Food too
Please how do I treat rashes on my 20 months old baby. The rashes seem to be as a result of chocolates allergy. Confirmed by a ped...
let a paediatric dermatologist make the diagnosis. Do not self medicate.
I need help, my daughter is 2 months old she has diaper rashes what should I use for the rashes?
There are 2 different types of nappy rashes in broad categories those due to irritation from the urine and diaper, and those rashes that tend to occur in the nappy areas. It takes a Paed dermatologist to differentiate

What you can do as Mums first assume it is a diaper rash from prolonged contact of skin with urine so
1) change diaper frequently when wet not only when there is a poo
2) Apply diaper cream - vaseline, sudocream, shea butter, zinc oxide cream are fine. NOT POWDER pls it must be something that creates barrier between skin and urine powder will be formed into paste by urine and further irritates the skin
3) alllow the diaper area to be exposed to air at times when you are home don't always cover with diaper let there be period off fresh air just blow the area. If you do this, most diaper rash will disappear. ANY RASHES THAT PERSIST ESPECIALLY IF REDDISH, FORMING DISCOLORATION ETC NEED ATTENTION OF A PAED DERMATOLOGIST
My 3weeks Baby Have Rashes On His Body, Please What Can I Use To Make His Body Smooth?
Please note that the treatment for rashes is depending on the type. As it is, we can't know what type of rashes your child has online so we advise that you see a Paediatric Dermatologist for assessment and possible treatment.
My baby of 5 months old has rashes on her private part I have tried some medicine on it but no improvement please help me out on t...
There are 2 different types of nappy rashes in broad categories those due to irritation from the urine
What can I use for rashes on my one month old
baby face and body?
The type of rash determines the treatment.
Kindly see a pediatric dermatologist for
assessment and proper management.
Breastfeeding mom with ChickenpoxGood day doctors and mummies in the house. My baby is 1 month old and my older son is 2 years old. I discover on Sunday I have chi...
Did you diagnose yourself? Please go to the hospital for proper diagnosis, health tips and treatment. Calamine lotion can help soothe itching.
My 3 months old baby have rashes in her back areaPlease, I saw this on my baby's back and neck area two days ago. Kindly help me, what can I apply? She's just 3months old. Thank y...
Treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see one so your baby can be properly reviewed. In the meantime, you can apply Tribotan for babies, if things don't improve after 1 week. Try see your health professional
What is the cause and remedy of sore-like rashes in between a baby's toes? He is 29 months?
Fungal infection most likely usually called athletes foot. Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment with antifungal medication if diagnosis confirmed.
My son has rashes under his feet and by the side of his feet, it itches him so bad that he won't let anyone touch him once he star...
The treatment of rash depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination has been done.
EellaMy 3 months old baby have Eella how do I treat it
Use tribotan for babies, it works like magic