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My baby is stooling seriously and I can't take her to the hospital cause it's weekend what can I give to her for now?
You can give ORS and oral zinc, home treatment of diarrhoea and also pay attention to his food intake and environmental hygiene.
My 4 months plus old baby has been stooling since last week, Is that how he will continue till his teeth finally comes out?. He's...
Hospital CheckPlease is Amana Medical Centre Abuja a good hospital
My one year old daughter has been stooling and vomiting severely, please what can I give her?
Please kindly give your baby ORS and take to the nearest hospital.
Can drinking liven tea and my choco tea make my baby stool? Since I took them yesterday he has been stooling
If you notice that your baby is reacting to whatever you have eaten, kindly stop.
My baby of 10 weeks has been stooling since yesterday night although it stopped this morning but started again. Can I give her ORS...
Kindly note that it is unusual for babies on ebf to have diarrhoea. If the stool sinks completely into diaper then it's diarrhoea.
You can give your baby ORS but if it persists kindly take your baby to the hospital.
Please my 2 years plus stool is like foam, is it something i should be worried about?
There are many possibilities. It could be lot of inhaled gases being passed on into the stools. Can also be sign of infection if there is mucus or blood in the stools as well
My child of 2 years old, yesterday while stooling pushed out a little intestine from his Anus which I gently pushed it back in, wh...
What you described could be a rectal prolapse or hemorrhoid. However, it is always best to determine what it is after a paediatrician has examined him. Kindly look into his diet, if his stools are hard, give fruits and vegetables to help it pass easily. If having diarrhea, let the cause be treated. Till you see the Doctor, gently push it back in if it comes out (that is if it stays out/does not return on its own). Further treatment will depend on what is found when it is examined.
Please can cold/pneumonia make a child to have blood in stools?
No ma’am
I have a 7 years old son with cerebral palsy, for some days now when you feed him he will do has if he wants to vomit and he his n...
Constant stooling calls for attention. Please give him ORS to prevent dehydration and be on your way to the hospital immediately.
StoolPlease my baby will be 4months on Monday (4/4/2022) and she is stooling frequent now and it's yellowish in color.
What medicine c...
Hi mama. A doctor is in the best position to give your baby what to use for stools.
Kindly take the baby to the hospital please
I’m a nursing mother of 3months,I started having running stomach since morning I have poo more than 4 times today, what drug sho...
Kindly note that as a breastfeeding mothers, you can not self medicate or use drugs recommended by just anyone except a doctor who have examined you, some medications are not to be used in pregnancy or by breastfeeding mothers. Please go see a doctor for proper assessment.
My 3 years old baby is always having motion sickness while on a journey. She stools and vomit. What can I do to stop this?
Please see a doctor, medications can be prescribed to help.
What is the cause of baby stool to sink inside the pampers?
Water stools are stools that sink into the diaper complete like urine, indicating diahorrea
Please my baby stool is strong he always struggle to push the stool. What is the solution?
Kindly note that there are two main factors can lead to constipation in children. These are early toilet training and changes in diet.

Fortunately most constipation in children are temporary.

It can be resolved by plenty intake of fluid, Diet and behavioral modification.
My Friend's baby is between 7-8months and has been stooling for some weeks now. We gave given the baby ORS zinc and malaria drug b...
We don't encourage self medication. Having persisted for so long please take the baby to the hospital. Loss of appetite may be the first symptom of sickness. See a doctor preferably a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment
My 7 months old baby is stools for at least 4 times a day since Tuesday. I changed her milk from Lactogen to SMA gold on monday. T...
Please keep the child well hydrated and monitor her for any unusual change such as weakness, fever, etc. If you observe any, kindly take the child to hospital.
Please a baby of 1year and 5months has been stooling since Tuesday the stool is like water but has a light cream substances inside...
Your child is having diarrhoea.

Kindly give ORS
My baby is 6 months old and he is stooling, pls wat should I give him?
Your child is suffering from diarrhoea. You can give ORS and oral ZINC. You need to pay attention to hygiene while preparing child's food and during feeding.
I was given ORS and ZINC for my son dat
was stooling, and the stooling has stopped should i still
continue with the zinc tab...
Please complete the dose even if the stooling has