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can sudocream be applied on the whole body for rashes or
Is it applied only on the diaper area
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes, it can be applied on other parts of the body but be sure it's prescribed by a dermatologist. It's important to note that the type of skin conditions determines treatment.
What's the best treatment for baby rash (itching). I'm currently using Sudocrem but want to try Moju. Can my diet be the cause of...
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Ma'am, rashes are of different type. Kindly stop the trial and error of creams on your baby's skin. Take to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.
How often should Sudocream be applied to a baby...
It's prescribed by a dermatologist. Please don't self medicate. Sudo cream is a diaper cream which is used to create a barrier between skin and urine to avoid nappy rash. It can be used whenever you are changing the baby's diaper.