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I want to know if it’s compulsory to be giving a child supplement or multivitamin to enhance the child’s immune?
If your baby is 0-6 months, he/she should be on exclusive breastfeeding please.
Older babies also do NOT need to take regular multivitamins, just give balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
What drugs can serve as food supplements for a 4 years six months old and a 2 years 7 months old boys?
They do not need any supplements or drugs just the appropriate diet.
Please at what month can I start giving my baby supplement.
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Hello Ma'am, your baby does not need supplements, all she needs is nutritional and balanced diets.
Good day Dr's & mum... Pls, i need good supplement for pregnancy ?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

How old is your pregnancy? Normally during your first antenatal care, your doctor will request you to get some test and he/she will recommend prenatal vitamins, folic acids etc to you. I recommend you talk to your doctor so you're sure you aren't missing anything out
I have been doing exclusive breastfeeding my mum will be coming to the house to take care of her. Can I give her a supplementary m...
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Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended by WHO for the first 6 months of life. If you however chose to supplement with formula,ATP does not recommend or endorse any particular brand. Your choice of formula will depend on your pocket and your baby's acceptability.
My child has treated ear infection as a result of cotton bud l believe that slowed his development, speech coordination, systemati...
Kindly take your Child to see a developmental paediatrician for proper follow up. The Child may need some therapies to help with the listed slow development and not necessarily medications.