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Can baby of 1 year take Tea (milo and milk) and also capri-sonne or sweet?
Yes, your baby can take tea and caprisonne as well.
My son who is 10 years old smell sweet so badly. What can be the problem?
Your son is most likely going through early puberty. Professional response to a similar post is that 'some children have early puberty which can make them have body odour. Just focus on hygiene and you can use deodorant as well'.You might as well see a paediatric endocrinologist to relieve your concern.
Is it really safe to give mine 22 months girl sweet as part of her lunch?
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Instead of giving sweet all the time as part of lunch you could give other snacks or water. Ideal snacks for Children areBoiled eggs, well cooked liver (diced), well cooked meat or fish, bean cakes/akara, bean puddings (moi-moi), bambara groundnut puddings (okpa), banana, pawpaw, mango, orange, avocado pear (or any fruit in season), boiled plantain, boiled sweet potato, bread with groundnut paste/margarine, milk, yoghurt, soybean milk