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Pls can two months baby start using Syrup medicine
Dr Aina Johnson


Good day ma, was the drugs prescribed my a doctorjQuery32105982868957788203_1599569443041 If no please do not self medication.Make sure your doctor prescribes it... Don't do self medication
My two months old baby is coughing, we have been to the hospital twice and was given piriton and erythromycin syrup but no changes...
It's important to note that most cough
What can I use to treat her cold then, she is 5years old, the cough syrups don't work for her
First of all the risk factors have to be identified. Your child may be allergic to something ranging from what he eats to environmental factors. Take her to see a paediatrician for proper evaluation and diagnosis
Is it a must to use multivitamin syrup baby under 1year and 3month old.
Dr Aina Johnson


No, it is not a must.
Multivitamin are not necessary when a child eats well by that nutritious and balance diets. The child will get all his dietary requirements from the food.
Can I start giving my 3 months plus paracetamol syrup instead of paracetamol drop
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please do not self medicates ,always use digital thermometer to ensure the temperature is above 37°c before you administer Paracetamol syrup.
An antibiotic syrup was prescribed for my seven months child for his cough and loss of appetite which he is to take 5ml morning an...
Please kindly revert back to the doctor that made the diagnosis
My baby of one year and three months is having running noise and cough, pls can I give her proton syrup , or any information, beca...
Please take your baby to the hospital.
Cough Medication during PregnancyPlease, I’m in my first trimester and really battling a bad cough for over a week now. Is it safe to use cough syrup to treat it...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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By practise, when your cough is becoming persistence. It is of your interest to see a doctor.. Your doctor might ask you to get a test like sputum Test to help analyse possible cause and prescribe drugs accordingly.