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1. My 5 years daughter lost two teeth forcefully and it has refused to grow, will it grow later?
2. My twin, 1st was born 2.2...
It could take up to 1 year or more for the adult replacement to come in
What can I use in cleaning my 10mths old baby's tooth? Thanks in anticipation.
Brush your child's teeth for about TWO minutes TWICE a day: once just before bedtime and at least one other time during the day. Preferably after breakfast! This I know sounds strange because we've been raised all our lives to brush before eating in the mornings but if you brush your teeth before going to bed at night, then after breakfast is ideal for your next brushing session.
My baby is 8 months old she hasn't grown tooth neither is she crawling. Is there anything to worry about?
@oojaoyetola,tnks for your concern.. She rolls over without stress, she drools too but ni swollen gums yet