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My baby of six months is having some boil and rashes that looks like eela in Yoruba.Presently I am using dettol and baby tribotan on it. What else can I use? Thanks in anticipation.
This term for Eela more commonly refers to a skin disorder called Infantile seborrheic dermatitis (henceforth referred to as ISD). The cause of this disorder is unknown.
This rash may be due to child’s response to some organisms in the oily areas of the body namely the scalp, eyebrows behind the ears, or on the neck, cheeks, chest skin folds and diaper area. It's most common in babies under 6 months.
Good evening Everyone! Please a quick one here: What should I do regarding this strange looking rash spreading through my son's st...
Please, try Cacatin. You can see to buy in most primary health centres. It works really
Can Tribotan baby be used on a newborn? My 3 days old has got heat rashes on his face pls any suggestion on what to use?
Yes u can but mix it with shea butter cos ur baby is still very tender.
My baby has rash on her neck, I have used baby Tribotan and even powder it still has refused to go, what do I do pls?
I use Cacatin baby Cream and it works