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Please can a 3yrs old baby have typhoid?
Is it possible for a 9-month-old child to get typhoid bcoz my daughter was typhoid positive today?
Yes babies can have typhoid...
Please Doc, what type of drip can someone with typhoid take
Typhoid is best diagnosed and treated at the hospital. Do not self medicate. It's dangerous
My six year old daughter complained of stomach problem a few weeks ago. We went to a lab. test which indicated that she had too mu...
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Hello Sir, stomach ache is a symptom of sickness and could be anything. Kindly take your child back to the hospital for proper check up and treatment. Do not assume or self medicate.
Can a baby have typhoid?
To confirm if a baby has typhoid. A proper test must be carried out mere speculation
My son of 4 years have been vomiting in which watering Stool will follow for almost a monthI have taken him to the doctor . Tests were taken, the results showed was malaria and typhoid. They even ask me to stop giving him...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Pls visit a teaching hospital and make sure your child is been examined by a paediatrician. Treat as urgent.