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Is every big navel umbilical hernia? If no how do you differentiate between a big navel and an umbilical hernia?
Please see a doctor preferably a paediatrician if you suspect that your child has umbilical hernia.
What are the symptoms or signs of Umbilical hernia?
The umbilical cord normally passes through a small opening between the muscles of the tummy (abdominal wall). If this opening does not close after birth, it becomes an umbilical hernia (trying to explain in the simplest of terms). The opening (covered by skin of the navel ) may allow intestine protrude into it when the child cries, coughs or does anything that puts pressure on the tummy. Normally this protrusion can go in and out of the opening, but the hernia may get complicated if what comes in and out gets stuck in it.
My 3months old baby has hernia, i want to know the cause and how it can be cured?
Ensure the diagnosis was made by a doctor if not see one for an appropriate evaluation
I want to go for an umbilical hernia surgery pls I ope it won't affect ma child birth, cos I'm scared.
How old is your pregnancy Cynthia? Umbilical hernias are most common in women than men. Pregnancy may cause herniation or render a preexisting one apparent, because of progressively raised intra-abdominal pressure