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Is it right to give baby paracetamol before and after
receiving immunization vaccine?
Please give paracetamol after the immunization especially if there's fever.
My daughter was given six weeks vaccine today and my question Is that can i use hot or cold water to massage the place the injecti...
If swollen, you should apply ICE PACKS (you can wrap ice blocks in handkerchief) and put on the area intermittently and give Paracetamol.
What vaccines are babies meant to take at 12 months? My son was given only vitamin A at the health centre but from my research, I...
If you are following the Nigerian immunization program then what you will be given at 12 months is oral vitamin A, but there are other Non-NPI vaccines like chickenpox and meningococcal vaccines which can be gotten from private hospitals.
Is an 18 months old baby eligible for MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines?
my baby is 10 months already today but we missed out on the 9 months vaccine because she was ill , so I want to know if we can sti...
Yes she can go ahead and take all the missed vaccines. That is what we call catch-up immunizations.
please the health care centre refuse to give my baby Hep B-O vaccine because she's more than two weeks old. The Health care centre...
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Yes.... There's no need to worry about it. You will take next dose in 6 weeks.
Good morning, please I just had yellow fever vaccine, I didn't know I was not supposed to as a nursing mother, the nurse said I ca...
My doctor once told me to avoid yellow fever vaccination as a breastfeeding mother. In his words , she said - Until more information is available, yellow fever vaccine should be avoided in breastfeeding women. However, when nursing mothers must travel to a yellow fever–endemic area, these women should be vaccinated
Can they give a 5weeks baby HepB vaccine?
Yes, you can. HBV is the Hepatitis B Vaccine. It is one of the 5 vaccines contained in PENTA Vaccine. PENTA Vaccine is a combination of Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus Toxoids, Haemophilus Influenzae type B and Hepatitis B Vaccines
Is there any specific vaccine for a 2 year old?
Babies are supposed to take Vitamin A from 6month and continue every 6month till the baby is 5years. Meningococcal vaccine (MCV) too is from 2years
Please my dear moms, I received my first TT injection on 9th July 2918 while the second injection was 6th August 2018, please will...
There won't be any problem, there is a month interval btw the 1st and 2nd dose.
Congratulations sis. Baby dust to all TTC
What is the cost of Hepatitis B vaccine in Nigeria?
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Most vaccination for babies are free in government-owned hospitals but the prices vary considerably in Private clinics