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My baby his 17month he’s not yet walking, please help me
Your 17 month old should be able to hold on to furniture or your legs and move about.
At 18 months, he should be able to walk unsupported. If by then he does not you will need to take him to see a developmental paediatrician for evaluation.
My baby is 1 year and 3months old but she is not walking yet. Can I stop breastfeeding now or continue till she starts walking?
There is no relationship between breastfeeding and walking. You can continue breastfeeding your baby. WHO recommends breastfeeding for 2 years and beyond.
I have a 1 year 4months old baby, she is yet to walk and it's really bothering me
Ideally your baby should have held on to furniture or your knees to stand up at 12 months. By 18months she should walk without
support. If by 18months she cannot walk by herself or if she is not meeting the developmental milestone for her present age.
I am very stressed,my son is 13 months but he cant walk on his own. He only walk with a support...What could be the problem?pls he...
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Hello Mum,Babies walk at different times. Kindly see a Paediatrician only if he is not walking by 18months. However I am sure he will walk before then. Relax and don't worry!
My baby is 21 months old, she doesn't eat at all. I always force feed her. She has been admitted thrice on this issue and whenever...
By now Ma, your baby should have started walking. You need to take your baby to see a Paediatrician concerning her not being able to walk at 21months.
A boy of 1 year and 5 months is yet to stand on his own nor walk. what could be the cause and how can we help the child.
Can your baby crawl? Can the he stand while holding something?
If he can stand and cruise around. Moving around holding to support, then don't worry as he will soon walk
But if by 18 months