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Whenever my baby wakes up in the morning she always request for water, hope its normal? She’s 1year 5 months
Children should and will be drinking more water during hot weather.. No need to worry as long as the child is otherwise healthy .
If he drinks water too much and also pass a lot of urine, you may want to see a Paediatrician for further evaluation to rule out any possible Diabetes mellitus or inspidus and management...
Please at what age should a child start drinking normal water, I mean not cold not warm but ordinary water
Normal temperature (room temperature) is the ideal water for children irrespective of age.
My 11months child has totally refused to drink water I have tried adding glucose and sometimes squeezing some orange in water stil...
Kindly make sure the child takes lots of FRUITS, VEGETABLES and a lot of fluid.
I have a 7 months old baby that don't like taking water. Please what should I do about that?
Do not force the child to take the water but make the water available at all times, not just after meals.
Using colourful and attractive cups that will entice them as kids are curious and will certainly want to try out the cups. You can make it a play or game and also model as well by pretending to drink from the cup. A little sip throughout the day
Is it true that the potency of medications is reduced if I allow my baby to drink water or milk shortly after taking medications?
It depends on the SPECIFIC MEDICATION and usually the pharmacist would have given you such explicit instructions and information. You can also read the DRUG LEAFLET in the package to know if milk or juice should or should not be taken with the specific medicines. It is NOT A ONCE SIZE FITS ALL!!

My son is 2 years and 1 month, For some days now he has refused to take water regularly. This has resulted in his excrete to b...
It is possible for a child not to like drinking water but you should still bother and try to give the child water to drink as they need it. You should try and give him sips of water after each complementary feed and he does not need to drink a whole bottle of water at a go. Frequents sips through the day will do. You can also give other drinks like milk, fresh fruit juice to supplement his water intake.
How many ml of water should a 6 month old baby consume in a day. Just concluded EBF
The required daily water intake that a child need depends on their weight.

For babies above 6 months. All the total liquid intake for the whole day should be 1 litre.
It is not just water but fluids inclusive of breast milk and other milk you give.
My baby of 8 month finds it difficult to swallow anything except pap and water. What could be the problem.
Nothing is the problem.

Patience is needed when introducing food to babies. Kindly note that your baby can also eat regular family food in soft form.

My Baby Of 7 months Have Refused To Eat, He Will Only Take The First Spoon And Reject The Next But Only Take Breast Milk And W...
You will need to apply a lot of patience, he is new to this transition of other food aside breast milk. Do not expect your child to finish a full bowl of food but some spoons offered occasionally will do. Also try to be creative in presenting your meals, use colourful plates and spoons as well. Keep trying and do not give up.
I'm on EBF, can I give my 2 months old baby water?
No. Do not give your baby water.
Exclusive Breastfeeding means no water whatsoever till you introduce complementary feeding at 6 months. Breast milk already has water which is enough.
I Just concluded six months EBF but my baby refused taking water and even food. What should I do
Be patient with your baby as these are new foods you are introducing to him. With time, he or she will get used to them and accept them when offered.
Can I give my 4 months old baby water?
if you are doing PREDOMINANT
BREASTFEEDING, there is no need
to give water.
Please is it advisable to give my 2 months old baby water?
it is not
advisable, breast milk only. Breast
milk is 80% water and 20% all other
nutrients your baby needs.
Pls my 7-month baby has refused to drink water, what can I do
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Hello ma'am, its quite common. Please make sure to give water at intervals not just during meals.
Can a breastfeeding mother take lime and water?
Dr Aina Johnson


It is not advisable you take lime. Please note that breastfeeding mums should not diet or take slimming products. You can always wait until you are done breastfeeding.
How many month can start giving my baby water?
As for me, I introduced my boy to water early before six months. Not that he takes it everyday but at least once a week. But if you choose exclusive breastfeeding I guess you have to wait until after six months. My opinion