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Can I give a ten months old baby yogurt?
Yes, you can give your baby yogurt but the unsweetened is preferable.
Can yoghurt causes cough for a 13 month toddler?
It's important to note that most cough
Can I give my 6months old baby plain yogurt and can my 2 years old baby take zobo?
Yes you can give your baby yoghurts that are
specifically made for babies, you can find it in baby shops or big stores around you. Endeavor to give your baby family/local meals too and continue breastfeeding please.
Well done for a great job babymigo,can a 6-month baby take yoghurt. thank you
Dr Aina Johnson


You can give the yoghurt specially made for babies from 6 - 9 months.
Good morning moms, What month can a baby starts taking Yoghurt?
When can my baby eat yogurt? your baby can start eating yogurt from 6 months. Yogurt are great source of protein. It is also an excellent choice for one of your baby's early foods because it also contains such nutrients as calcium and vitamins.