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Can I take zobo while pregnant?
Can I give my 6months old baby plain yogurt and can my 2 years old baby take zobo?
Yes you can give your baby yoghurts that are
specifically made for babies, you can find it in baby shops or big stores around you. Endeavor to give your baby family/local meals too and continue breastfeeding please.
Can my baby of a year and ten months take zobo that has garlic in it? Secondly, she has this yellowish thick mucus coming from her...
Not sure if Zobo contains anything in it that can affect the baby. Try and see. If you observed anything unusual stop immediately. Better to take more of water.
Is it safe to be drinking zobo when pregnant?My mum told me to be drinking zobo. I'm pregnant with triplets I started drinking it yesterday and I'm feeling pain on one side of...
Zobo is safe when you seven months pregnant.... Don't take it before then