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Port Harcourt, Rivers

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Pyramids Diagnostics was established in 2005 as a private liability company in the heart of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It was established to mission is to meet the critical desire to bridge the gap in the diagnostic arm of the health sector in our environment. Increasingly, for lack of credible diagnostic apparatus and reliable laboratory investigative results in some health institutions, a missing link exist in the doctor’s ability to arrive at leading clinical diagnostics, consequently compromising therapeutic outcomes. We have come on board to restore hope and rekindle professional essence with regards to: prompt service, application of trusted equipment, and the deployment of competent, disciplined professionals to produce results you can always reply on. We operate three branches in Port-Harcourt and is rated highly amongs the very best in the State. Also our recent partnership with SRL Diagnostics, the leading and the largest pathology lab in Asia and offers over 3500 assays and profiles through its reference centers gives us an unbeatable edge over others in Nigeria. Our client base includes hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, laboratories and managed care organizations. As a Reference Lab, our services span from Routine laboratory tests to Advanced molecular pathology and cytogenetic tests including DNA paternity testing, Hepatitis B & C Viral load by PCR, HIV viral load, BCR-ABL, Jak-2 mutations, HLA typing, Chromosomal karyotyping, CD Marker for lymphomas, and a host of others categorized under Allergy/Hypersensitivity, Autoimmune/Inflammation, Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), Hematological disorders, Cancer makers, Mental Health and Neonatal Screening. Our IMAGING segment has also received a remarkable boost. Our MRI services are highly recommended for high-quality images. Our X-RAYS are digitized for greater resolution and precision. Our 3D/4D scan is amazing for your ULTRASOUND scan investigations. Other services in this segment include MAMMOGRAPHY, ECHO-CARDIOGRAPHY, ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (ECG). COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY (CT) screening is been ushered in. If you want to select a reference lab that meets your need in terms of analytical quality, competitive price for the quality of service provided (value), turnaround time (TAT), client service support and problem resolution, and effective reporting mechanisms, then add Pyramids Diagnostics! Constantly, we are aspiring to be the front-runner in placing evidence-based medicine on its deserved pedestal in Nigeria and beyond!
Plot 101 East-West road Near Rumuodara junction, , Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.
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