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Chai God help mi ooo!!!I need advice I never spat for my first baby but D's one I spit a lot and have been using d bitter kola but I always feel pains in my right hand side(stomach) and also as if I have enough gas in my tummy please what is d cause and what can I do..THANKS IN ANTICIPATION!!!
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Mirian B
my dear no remedy for spitting as far am concerned cos I tried all I could ...just pray and tell God to help you cos it's so crazy always will pass soon....@ charity direct your question to the house so you can get quick response not on comments
Omolbaby GodsOwn
That means ur baby is a girl
Aminat Odunola Ojeniyi
Sorry sweet Am a FTM and I still spit ,but at night though, u can try XYLITOL its a nice chewing gum with fresh mint, that is the perfect chewing gum to cub spitting during d day.
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