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Good day proud mums and docs please I just took in for the second time and is not like the first one at all!! I have bitter mouth hardly talks and24 hrs weakness what can I do ?????????And will pronatal medicine make mi strong because I can't do my business and is affecting my home...THANKS
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You need to rest,dont over work yourself...i tried to do work and go out even when i was feeling this way and i almost fainted on the road,i had to rest for a long time in a shop before taking a cab home. The second time,i vomitted, and it wasnt in my first trimester o. You can imagine how terrible my first trimester was, so i will advice you to look for someone to help you when you cant do anything. Explain to your husband,he will understand.
Oh!! Tanx Dearie's BT d problem is staying one place is another thing personally is hard for mi
At Miriam that is same way I feel,,things I do I find it very difficult to do now
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