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We are 5months and soon EBF will be over.... Went to the hospital yesterday to weigh him and he weighed 8.3kg..tho dey said is OK.. Wat do think mums and docs
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@Okoye13019, please my dear did u say Sugar??? And please how do I prepare d Irish and carrot, again is frisogold gold better than peakbaby
Uzodinma Chioma Okoye
there is dis misconception about sugar in babys pap. firstly wh milk are u using. cos peak baby contains extra sugar so u dont need to add extra. now i want u to understd dat dey are growing kids n energy demand has to be met. if not protein will be converted to energy n baby over time will start looking pale n stunted. sugar is not bad for babys pap. just moderate ok. peakbaby is infant formula while frisogold is cereal base food prepared with milk already. first check if u can see peakbaby
@Okoye13019, haven't started any formula yet and he hasn't started taking water either
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