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Gud pm all,pls i nid a solution to my baby skin rashes,he bumbum is reddish nd der re rashes ontop of his penis nd every wer pls wat can i do to stop it?
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Christabell A I.Ajibola
@sophia uw.Zinc and castor oil is a cream YES. I FORGOT to mention,if ur using powder for him in d areas affected pls STOP! Powders are not advisable or not a substitute to diaper ll mix with der urine nd poo nd produce more heat/sweat to cause skin problems hes xperiencing now.dat above mentioned cream can be used as diaper cream
Plz Madam Christabell plz can I can I grind zinc tablet and mix with sheer butter with castor oil and use as diaper and body cream for a baby or a child of 2yrs old. Thanks.
Sophia Sorochi
Ok tnx@ christabell
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