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Good afternoon mums in s house.... Hot water poured on me for 4days now, I went to a chemist near by he gave me an antibiotics that Ampicillin and pain relief an also perestline and gv to apply but still have serious pain... The face is looking fresh... Pls what can I apply for quick recovery. Sorry for the long post thnks.
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Lateef Olanrewaju
Instead of salt, why not egg white as first aid before going to the hospital.
Rita Chu Ometu
Use Dermazin cream
Chidera Iloka
Those saying salt and cold water, are they OK? Salt to wound? Pls. If u don't know wat to recommend, kindly keep on going! As for me, same thing happened to me last week, I poured raw egg to it, don't pour water, cos it will make it worst
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