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Good evening mothers, pls I just want to clarify a myth that I heard, I heard that male child tend to extends due date ( they spend more time in the womb) more than female child , is this really true ?
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Jane Olatunde
I think it depends on d babies as individuals ooo. At the hospital d lady I started labour with she had a boy and she spent a long time cos I had my baby, had my bath and was transferred to a private ward before her baby finally arrived.
Grace Prosper
My 3 boys came pst due date on their own,buh my angel had to be induced.
Mummy David
My dear,there is no such thg. & err gender dsnt determine length of labour. It all depends on your body system. I had my sin at 41weeks after 27hours of labour. Is that fast or delayed??? Oya answer na..
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