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Evening mums, Pls Do I need to give water after giving nan 1 to Baby.
Good afternoon mums, please help a sister in need,my sis had her period for 2days which was very heavy unlike before, it used to be 5 days and it flows normally,and the color was now like a diluted zobo drink. Throughout Tuesday which was supposed to be the third day of her period there was no drop at all and she had sex with husband that same night which led to flow of blood mix with water and a bit much, my question now is that hope nothing is wrong with her and what could be the cause of period that looks like diluted zobo drink (or could it be implantation bleeding) and the flow after sex. She's trying to conceive . Please help
Evening mums, seriously I don't know what is wrong with me, since about 4 days now I have been having small boil on my private part, like five places and it's very painful, I bought ampiclox capsule this evening but I've not use it cos I don't know if it will work , pls my baby is just 3 weeks I don't know what to do
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Good evening mums, help me o, I took a bottle of Miranda yesterday and now my anus is paining me that I can't sit properly again ,please any advice of natural remedy.
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Evening mums, bless God with me oo, I've delivered a bouncing baby girl. Dr gave me 10 days ultimatum before CS but God said otherwise. I'm soo happy
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Good afternoon mothers, I'm 40wks today and I've not been having any signs of labor, I saw my Dr today with the scan result I did last week and baby was 3.8kg, he said the baby is too big because I'm a FTM that he will book me for elective CS in ten days time. Pls has anyone deliver virginaly a baby as big as that as her first child? I just need encouragement cos I don't want to do CS.
Happy Sunday mothers in the house, I use to wonder why it's only hot water they use to press tummy after childbirth, pls can't one use ice block too, since it's the one they use to prescribe at hospital after immunization to reduce swollen legs or injury, just wondering though, or as anyone use it before?
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Good evening mothers, pls I just want to clarify a myth that I heard, I heard that male child tend to extends due date ( they spend more time in the womb) more than female child , is this really true ?