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We made it .WE ARE 6MONTHS TODAY. EBF.. Now I can gain weight small #smile.......Mothers Abeg what nextHelp a first time Mum What do I introduce, I don't want him to loose weight o
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Good morning Mothers and Happy New month. Hope our babies are bouncing in health. Please has anyone used ANGEL SKIN PRODUCTS before (Lotion, soap and Oil) please I need to know if it's good b4 I introduce it to my baby.. God bless
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Please mothers. What kinda activity toys can I get for my baby cause he's very active and plays almost all thru the day now. Since he doesn't have anything to play with he always expect me to play with him nonstop. (it's tiring) He knows how to watch TV but I don't want to expose him to that too much. He has almost turned sucking to activity (lol) Please give me ideas on activity gears to get for him. Thanks in advance (He's 4months old)
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Happy Children's Day from Prince Olaoluwa Ademuyiwa
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Evening Dr's and friends in the house. Please what's the best cough syrup to give my 3months old boy.
Baby Care
Pls Moms and doctors, my 3months old baby has cough, what do I do?
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My baby is 3months old today. Hope I'm trying? EBF all d way FTM
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Happy Weekend Mothers. Please I've got some plain clothes I want to customize/brand for my baby. Does anyone know where I can get it done? I await responses. Thanks
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My 11weeks old baby has Catarrh. I've use saline drops, tried to help him suck it out and steaming but it's not subsiding. Pls Doctors and Mums what can I do to help him.
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My 10week baby got vaccinated lastweek Thursday. The lap is still swollen And thick... Please what do I do....... I'm getting worried
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