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Happy Sunday mothers in the house, I use to wonder why it's only hot water they use to press tummy after childbirth, pls can't one use ice block too, since it's the one they use to prescribe at hospital after immunization to reduce swollen legs or injury, just wondering though, or as anyone use it before?
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Chida Glitaz
Ah noo pls.... tummy after child birth comprises of blocked blood and some other materials that needs to be dissolved to flush away, unlike immunization it is only ur baby's muscle DAT is swollen and needs to Go down. so if u use block for ur tummy or even drink cold water doz unwanted materials will block and soon enuf bcm a problem in ur system
Akinmola Ruth
Okay... Now I understand, thanks ma
Chida Glitaz
@AanuRuth, most welcome
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