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Halleluyah na ur own ooo baba oooo 2x (singing) God has helped me. M now a mother of a cute prince charming... 4.25kg vaginally... 09/09/017..
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Dear babymigo i sent a post last week on RHESUS FACTOR... though lengthy... It dint get posted. pls may i know y?
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Shout out to Dr Weyinmi orighoye (hope i got the spelling right...) so far so good u r doing a nice job and we hope u stay longer on d platform.
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Happy new month oo mummies and babies... so august don slide pass like play like joke... LOL....Ok ooo so sept babies we are alert to recieve u, strt coming...MAY DS NEW MONTH BE FRUITFUL FOR ALL.. AMEN
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Beautiful Mums pls am 40weeks gone today, but since ystrday i av been having pains in my ribs pls has it happened to anyone? Pls advice/share ur experience with me... Thanx
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Happy new month mamas wishing us good health and peace of mind... Oya let all d cute mamas start bringing forth the cute babies of August ... Who is first.... Wishing all august mamas safe delivery in Jesus name.
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Gudevening mums. pls from experience baby at 34.5weeks with 2.57kg weight, is it big, small or on track considering d fact i still have some weeks to go..pls share ur views with me..
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I salute all moms in d house... Pls spotting at 28weeks is it normal? Doh baby is kicking fine and position intact pls share ur ideas...
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OK lovely mums in d house here is what I saw online and I decided to share... So if u have av history of miscarriage u may wanna abstain from nail polish...
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Good after noon to all mothers...pls I don't know how silly my question may sound but I need to know... Is it a must that u must av a tear especially when having ur first child?
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Pls moms and docs in d house can I feel my baby kick at 18months or m I being too anxious pls m worried
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