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Happy new year and a Good afternoon Family! please my baby is having serious crack lips. what can I use?
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I used Shea butter,coconut oil and olive oil this morning, and it's wow! Thanks all.
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Girls are looking for hair, but see what my guy is carrying on his head. Please what shampoo and condition can I use for him, cos hubby says no barbing. He's 5 months old
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Hello mum's, please my 5 months old baby has this rash on his neck. Please what can I use?
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Hello mums and Drs's in the house. Please I need an urgent help. Can a breastfeeding mum take Positor 2.
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Please help my little boy oooo. This heat rash comes and goes. What can I use?
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Please help a sister,is 2months 2weeks since I put to birth and I've been running away from hubby. And monthly flow is not stable to know safe period. My husband said is wrong for married people to use condom. Please is it good to use contraceptive as a breastfeeding mom?FTM
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Hello mums, hope all the babies,both in the womb and outside are doing well. Please my 2month 2weeks baby is being to suck his hands,please how can I stop this?
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Hello mums! My boy was 3.3 at birth and he's 4kg at 6weeks. Is it too bad? He's on EFB.
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Hello my follow mothers. Please what could make my child penis sack(testicle) red like this? Help me ooo, I'm using sudo cream for his rashes and gbomoru for his stomach pain. he cry's for hours at night and even in the day.
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My testimony of child's birth. God works in a mysterious ways.On the 15th -16th of June I could not pee as a pregnant woman and I was very tasty of water(imagine my frustration),I had to go to the hospital on the 17th to complain maybe they can help,to my greatest surprise when I got there they told me I was 4cm dilated already. That was about 9:30am. I was admitted and at about 2:00pm my baby came. There was nothing like show in the house, not even contractions. Child's birth can be a little tricky.
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Good afternoon, please don't be tired of my many questions. FTM's are always like that,lol. I've not had appetite to eat since I put to birth for 2weeks now. I'm doing EBF and my baby is sucking well. Anything to help me eat?
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Happy Sunday to all the mums,intending mums and Drs'. Please help me, I didn't sleep altru the night because of my 2weeks old baby, he was crying and stretching altru till now and he's having difficulty pooing. He's trying to poo but can't. I don't know what to do. I'm doing EBF, no water. Please help, it's urgent. Thanks
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Good morning mums and Drs' in the house. Please I need advice. My boy will 2weeks by tomorrow. His Cord has fallen off successfully and his penis is healing gradually. Please what drugs can I give him, cos I see some mums give abidec drops, seven seas,grip water etc. I've not given him any drugs yet and he's having little rashes on his body and face. Thanks!!!
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Good morning lovely Dr and moms. Praise God, our baby arrived on Saturday healthy and sound. My problem now is how to make milk flow well for him, cos he's been crying all through the night. Another thing I need to ask, please did any one have that vaginal cut during delivery? Is that place always looking as if you have blisters? Cos I want to know if it was well taken care of.. Thanks in anticipation.
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Hello mums and Dr good evening. I am 39weeks old today. Please is difficulty to pee part of labor experience, I feel my baby is really down to the pelvic and I'm having contractions (though not regular),I will feel like urinating,when I seat on the toilet, it takes minutes b4 it's comes out. Is that the way it should be?
Hello! Help me ooooo, I am 37 weeks, my legs are too big. My Dr says it is normal,but the thing is giving me concern. I walk around, I raise my legs, but still not helping.
Hello mums and Doctors in the house. Please I need your advice, I am 29 weeks old now, I find it very difficult to sleep on my left side and I heard its best for me and my baby. Please will sleeping on my right side harm my baby? And I itch on my private even after the many antibiotics I was given in the hospital.