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Hello my follow mothers. Please what could make my child penis sack(testicle) red like this? Help me ooo, I'm using sudo cream for his rashes and gbomoru for his stomach pain. he cry's for hours at night and even in the day.
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Mummy David
I usee molfix fr 7months until my baby started hvng nappy rash. It was horribly tho I nipped it in.d bud. its hard to blv its d same molfix he'd used fr d frst 7months if his life. Molfix dsnt work fr all babies + it seems there is fake In d market. Pls buy cacatin cream. It will clear it fast. change his diaper every 3hrs. When this is all over,Pls use blue seal vaseline as a barrier cream at each diaper change
Ojerinde Toluwani
Change the diaper but as for the redness please get penicillin ointment it will clear up and get tribotan for the rashes every after diaper changes
Amaka Angel
Pls change his diaper, molfix has a lot of fake, my sister tried molfix and this was d same result on her baby, pls always apply shear butter before putting d diaper for him, don't use anything hot to treat it . pls don't use penicillin ointment is not for infant and it makes wound to be fresh instead of drying it.
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