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Good am beautiful n lovely peopleeee. Please ooo do anyone have an ideal of how to get rid of scorpion in the house cos within 1month now, i have killed upto 5 small scorpion in my lubby n toilet. I av a son of 1yr n 5mnths n a baby of 3weeks, my son usally play in d lobby light or no light. Please help a sister in need. Thanks.
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Thanks so much sweet n beautiful people, kisssssssss Will get sniper.
Mopelola Abd'azeez Abdurrasaq Lawal
If not because you have a baby I would have suggested that you use camphor (naphthalene). It chase them away
Mbuotidem Heynri
Are u sure it's scorpion? I think it's centipedes cos this is their season.
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