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Hello good afternoon mothers in the house please my baby is 5 months plus, how do I make natural puree for her, n hope she is old enough to eat.
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Happy mum day to every on this platform. We will live to enjoy our fruit, we shall see our children's children in Jesus name.
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Good am beautiful n lovely peopleeee. Please ooo do anyone have an ideal of how to get rid of scorpion in the house cos within 1month now, i have killed upto 5 small scorpion in my lubby n toilet. I av a son of 1yr n 5mnths n a baby of 3weeks, my son usally play in d lobby light or no light. Please help a sister in need. Thanks.
Good am my people. Guess we all had a beautiful nite rest. Welcome 2 a day of beautiful achievements. Please wat can i do to increase lactation? My baby is 2weeks+ and my breast milk production is low sometime there is noting coming out at all. I intend doing baby friend. Please i need ans. Thanks.
Breast Feeding
Good Pm Doc, midwives, mum n mum 2 be in d house. Please what can i use to get rid of stretch mark on my tommy( pregnancy stretch mark). Please i need ans. Thanks
Mom's Health
Please Doctors, Midwives, Mums n Exceptant mum in the House join me to bless God for the arrival of My baby Queen on the 3rd of April. To God be the Glory.
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Good Pm Doctors, mid-wife and mummy's in the house, please i am 40wks preg, i had a sweep on friday, then that friday night i had pain alnight till like 4am i was very tasty n i drank cold water, few minute later the pain stop till now, along with the pain i saw mucus but no blood stain, my question now is; did the pain stop becos of the cold water i drank? Is the mucus without blood stain "show" or the pain n d mucus is as a result of sweep i had. Please i need answer cos i am worried. Plsssssz thanks.
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Good Pm mum and doctors in the house, please whats posterior cervix and what is the remedy for it? cos i am 40weeks pregnant.Please i need ur contributions. Thanks