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Good Pm Doctors, mid-wife and mummy's in the house, please i am 40wks preg, i had a sweep on friday, then that friday night i had pain alnight till like 4am i was very tasty n i drank cold water, few minute later the pain stop till now, along with the pain i saw mucus but no blood stain, my question now is; did the pain stop becos of the cold water i drank? Is the mucus without blood stain "show" or the pain n d mucus is as a result of sweep i had. Please i need answer cos i am worried. Plsssssz thanks.
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Bessy James Ayodeji
Pls go to d hospital. If ur mucus plug is out
Mummy David
Mucus plug can be out for up tp a week & a woman is still 1cm dilated. Just do lots of exercises,eat dates,climb stairs. Once contractions start or water breaks,be on the move. U will deliver by ds tym tomorrow.
@Ayodeji, Mum D, thanks
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