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Good evening mothers, glad to belong here!! Pls which multivitamin is best for expecting mums???
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OK thank u all for all ur comments, am grateful
Omoyeni Ibk
@ Ogoh Glo... Pregnacare is a gud drug...u can use it to the last term if u dont mind having a big baby at birth....if u can bear the risk of episotomy / ceaserian section especially if u are primp(1st child) no problem u can go ahead. I only noticed over the years with most deliveries taken mothers who love fizzy drinks,much carbohydrate foods and use dt drug truout dia trimester are at high risk of episotomy &cs
Omoyeni ibk u've said it all, routine drugs like I was told by my Doc is simply the best, though pregnacare is also OK but it can lead to excessive increase of ur baby's weight in the womb which most times result to Cs. But is all ur choice to make anyway.
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