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Good afternoon docs and mums, am here again. Pls my water broke on saturday, and I was at d hospital till yesternite, wen I was told to go home cos no sign of labour at all, am still at 35 weeks, the doc said everything is OK, am so concern and need assurance from experience moms and docs in d huz cos my edd is still 16 of next month. Pls is everything OK with my baby. And pls pray for my safe delivery. Thanks.
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Did they do scan for you? Because if truly your water has broken, you should be admitted right away as you might go into labour anytime soon and there is need to monitor and administer certain medications too.
Oyekemi K-olarinoye
If truly your water broke o, you are not meant to go home, and if eventually labour did not come, cs is the alternative option cos its dangerous for both you and baby, except the water stops flowing o
Ayetuoma Adeola
Go for scan your self to be sure if there's still water that can sustain your baby, if peradventure this no enough water cs is the best o. The Lord will see you through in Jesus name
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